Make better drilling and geological decisions faster

With the evolving environment of today’s oilfield, you require quick access to real-time data to make informed drilling and geological decisions. Surface data logging services from Magerevol Solutions are engineered to help you reduce nonproductive time (NPT) and overall risk.

You need the big picture to drill safer, faster, and better. In addition to traditional mud logging. Precise drilling measurements allow for improved decision-making and performance.

Adjusting to changing parameters while drilling helps you improve performance and efficiency. The iDrill™ real-time data transmission service from Magerevol Solutions help you reduce well time, minimize drilling uncertainties and risks, and lower costs. With this service, you receive real time drilling data to make informed decisions and take action that help you reduce nonproductive time (NPT) every step of the way.

  • Minimize flat time and NPT by monitoring drilling measurements and quickly adapting your drilling parameters accordingly
  • Improve drilling performance and efficiency through real-time hydraulics monitoring and analysis
  • Decrease drilling uncertainties and risks by detecting drilling anomalies early with real-time data and trend analysis

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